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Wrestlemania 26 thoughts - mdterp4life — LiveJournal

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April 1st, 2010

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01:18 pm - Wrestlemania 26 thoughts
Finally watched this and thought it was a much better show than I've read. It's not an all time classic WM, but at least twenty times better than last year's.

The opener was worthless but seemed like a big deal and just seeing that huge crowd and the cool entrance set was worth it.

Money in the Bank was fun even if a lot of it didn't make sense and there weren't as many 'holy shit' moments as usual. I guess they answered how you can have a ladder match with guys that have never had one before, just don't have them do anything stupid.

The triple threat was decent and did a good job of getting Orton even more over, but I wish Dibiase got 'Priceless' as his song back and Rhodes stuck with the Legacy song, because Rhodes' theme song is nowhere near as good as 'Priceless'. I bet Orton gets a much more prominent role next year.

Vince/Bert was ok, I did think it ran a little long but I liked the angle of Bert screwing Vince and I think that was the best possible thing to do to end that angle. and they finally are working on getting the Hart Dynasty over, so expect Smith on RAW after the draft.

HHH/Sheamus is actually my match of the night I think. I loved the buildup video, probably my 2nd favorite of all time now, and thought the match was excellently worked considering how limited the two are mobility wise. Very hard hitting and some unique counters and near falls. Can't believe HHH kicked out of the big boot. These two work very well together.

Punk/Rey was a lot of fun but I can't believe Vince/Bert got more time, probably the most inexcusable thing all night.

Divas match was fine, I loved the tribute to Eddie and thought that was sweet of her. Considering he was such a jokester, he'd probably have gotten a kick out of it.

Cena/Batista have good chemistry but I didn't think this match had enough of a 'big match' feeling for some reason. It's like they were going through the motions and there weren't enough near falls. Rock/Austin, this was not.

HBK/Taker was better than last year's, I thought, which I found to be a terribly overrated match. This one was surprisingly decent and kept me on my toes, no small feat considering I really don't like either one of them. There were WAY too many near falls on Taker's part though, and HBK kicking out of two chokeslams, a Last Ride, and a Tombstone makes no sense at all. If he was heel, that wouldn't happen. Decent match though.

Overall I found it to be a pretty enjoyable show and I'd watch it again next year probably.

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